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14 Questions You Must Ask Your Painters 

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The painting job is very humble because it all depends on who is applying the paints. If the right person has the brush, a single layer of paint will transform your home. It can change the old surfaces and make your home look new. However, if the person isn’t experienced, your place will look extremely sloppy. 

For this reason, you must choose the right painters. While everyone promises big on the surface, some questions can help gauge their true skills. So, if you are doing this for the first time, we are sharing 14 questions that you need to ask the painter!

1. How Many Years Have You Been Painting?

The first question is always of experience because it will directly impact the quality of paint. When you ask them how long they have been in business, you will be able to gain an idea about their experience level. In simpler words, you will know if you are dealing with a professional or an amateur who just wants to make extra money. 

In many cases, experienced painters will have a lot of testimonials from their previous clients to show you. Some of them will also show you pictures of the work they’ve done in the past. Last but not least, the certifications provide a clear idea about their skills. 

2. Do They Have Client Testimonial & References?

Whenever you are hiring a painter, make sure you read reviews about them on Google My Business. This is the easiest option, but it’s extremely helpful as well. If the painter is professional, they might also have a website showcasing the previous testimonials left by their clients. In simpler words, having a look at their previous work and reviews will help you set the right expectations. 

If the company has positive reviews, it’s a good sign for you to go ahead. However, there are mishaps with everyone, so don’t fixate on one negative review. We recommend going through all the available reviews to find out if the quality of work is consistent. The best thing is when a painter can provide references that you can call to ask about their experience. 

Another important trick is to call them. To illustrate, if you have finalized a painter, we recommend that you give them a call and ask them questions about their qualification, expertise, and process. If they are legit, they won’t have a problem answering your questions. 

3. Do I Need to Worry About the Crew?

This might seem like a fierce question, but it’s important to understand who will be working inside your home. This is important for your safety as well as other people and things in your house. We recommend asking this question because there are various documented cases of painters and other contract workers stealing from and injuring the people who hired them. 

In most cases, this happens because people don’t run security and background checks when they hire someone. For this reason, when you learn about who will be working in your home, it will be easier to conduct background checks on them. 

One of the most important aspects is to ask the contractor about their hiring policy. You can ask if they have run the background checks or not. In most cases, the contractor will instantly say yes. So, to be sure, we recommend consulting a company that runs background checks for a small fee because your safety is essential. 

4. Are Your Workers Employees or Sub-Contractors?

A lot of painting companies hire workers instead of full-time employees because it saves them money. Most of the time, subcontractors are paid a flat fee, and the main provider doesn’t have to pay their own taxes or employee benefits. There are some risks when you hire a contractor who uses subcontractors, though. 

For example, the contractor might want to find subcontractors who charge the least so they can make more money on the job. This can lead to poor work. 

  • The subcontractor may be tempted to cut corners to get the job done faster since they don’t get paid by the hour.
  • If the contractor hires subcontractors instead of employees, they will likely not have workers’ compensation insurance.
  • The contractor may not know the people on the crew, so it’s likely that background checks have not been done. 

All of these things can affect the work you get done and the safety of your home and things in it. For this reason, it is better to hire a painting company whose workers are real employees. 

5. What Kinds Of Materials Do You Work With? 

How the paint looks and how long it lasts will depend on the materials they use. Coatings like paints and colors are not all the same quality. There are also a lot of different finishes that should only be used for certain tasks. The price difference between a $9 gallon of paint and a $50 gallon of paint is due to the different painting materials. Resins, binders, and even titanium are some of the more expensive options that are used in more expensive paints that make them look better and last longer.

Quality of other products is also important, not just coatings. One example is that the quality of the calk your builder uses affects how long it lasts. You should ask about the products that will be used in your painting ob. You must ensure that the contractor knows what they are using and why they are using it

6. Are You Personally Going To Complete the Painting? 

You’ll often meet with the owner or estimator before the job starts, but they won’t do the work. This happens a lot, and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as the company has a way to keep track of your job. Project management includes planning, carrying out, and following up on the service you’ve paid for. 

That is important because it will make your job go more smoothly and help you get the desired results. Professional proposals with clear lists of the services you agree to perform are important to good project management. They can help the crew do their work. 

  • A clear plan for how to do each part of the project, like setting up, getting ready, protecting the surface, painting, cleaning up, etc. 
  • Any changes to the project, like adding to it or taking something away, are shared in writing and signed by both parties. 
  • A way for the team to make sure their work is correct and correct again. 
  • A walk-through at the end of the project with the client and the project manager to make sure the client is happy. 

It’s important to have project management for contracted painting jobs so there are no communication gaps. 

7. What Kind Of Training Do You Give Your Staff? 

You must’ve seen people preferring painters who have their employees. That’s because when painters hire others to complete the job, they don’t have a clear idea about their training. In most cases, they are people who just want to make an extra buck and don’t have professional training. On the contrary, if the painter has permanent employees, they are highly likely to be trained. 

Most workers can’t afford to pay for training, which is a shame. But training is very important in the painting business because: 

  • It cuts down on mistakes
  • It helps make sure that the quality of the work is always good
  • It gets jobs done on time
  • It lowers the risk of accidents and other problems

You can be sure that a company has things under control if they have an organized training program. They can train their workers in-house by getting together with them regularly. They can set up systems for training people in the field, which are generally coordinated with training sessions. To keep up with the newest paints and methods, they can also join trade groups like PDCA or talk to paint manufacturers’ reps. 

8. Do You Have A License And Insurance? 

When looking for a painter, you need to make sure they have licenses and insurance. Make sure the painter has the right licenses and insurance to do work in your state. People who want to be contractors have to take a test and apply for a license, which needs four years of experience or a combination of schooling and work experience. It is also necessary to have liability protection. 

They also have to give their credit report and go through a security check. Then, they have to register their business, whether they’re doing it by themselves or with other people. 

9. What Will You Do If I’m Not Happy with the Work You Do? 

A promise or guarantee from a painter shows that they are sure of their work. When you ask this question, you can find out how committed and quality-conscious the painting is. Most painters give a guarantee of at least one year. Some may even give you a longer guarantee to give customers extra peace of mind.

10. What Is Your Process And Timeline?

You can ask about their process and schedule once you know about their experience and qualifications. These facts can help you understand what the job entails and what to expect from it. It also helps with being open and responsible. The questions below will help you hold the painter accountable for finishing the job by the due date. 

11. What Do You Do To Get Walls Ready To Paint? 

Before you can paint, you have to carefully prepare the places you want to paint. Ask the painter how they do their job. Do they sand, scrape, prime, or use other methods, like pressure washing?
There are pros and cons to each method, so make sure you know what will be done and why. Talk to them about this if you’d like them to take a certain method. 

12. How Do You Make Sure The End Is Smooth And Even? 

The person painting your house should be able to explain how they make sure the finish is smooth and even. Along with the right way to get ready, they should also be able to describe the steps they take when they paint. 

13. What Do You Do About The Safety?

If someone gets injured and hurt while working for you, you will be responsible as well. For this reason, you must ask them what safety protocols they use while working. Keep in mind that these accidents can also result in delays in work. Not to forget, if they don’t follow any safety protocols, your property might get damaged as well.

For this reason, make sure they are using all the safety equipment. You should ask them about the safety policy manual to see what kind of protocols they use. 

14. What About The Weather?

Last but not least, you should have clear communication about the weather, especially if you are getting the exterior painted. Many people only ask about what happens to the paint in case there is rain; you also need to ask about other weather conditions. For instance, you have to ask about the paint warranty in case of excessive heat, dryness, and moisture. 

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that hiring someone to paint your house might seem like a quick process, but you’ve to be very vigilant. That’s because it’s not only about money; it’s about trusting someone with your home and its belongings. The painter you hire must have the necessary skills and official certifications before they are allowed in your home. 

If you are looking for someone who can help, we at Apex Paint Pros, have the best employees working with us for years. All of them are professional and trained, so you won’t have any complaints. To know more, get in touch with us!